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In the course of writing the book, “The Inventor Trap”, two things kept gnawing at my mind that inventors really need.


The first was that there is a real need for Objective Invention Evaluation services.

The invention promotion companies and patent attorney’s who take advantage of inventors tell everyone they have a great idea, or that the only way to know if they have a great idea is to start down the road of protecting and licensing their idea. This is WRONG. An objective evaluation at the outset can save you piles of money and years of wasted time.

The second  thing that inventors really could use, and have a very hard time getting, is Solid Manufacturing Quotes.

Both lone inventors and licensing agents have a very tough time getting reliable and actionable quotes they can  Keep Reading


Invention Company Reviews

One of the best ways for us to be a great resource for inventors, their investors, business partners, and families is to give our honest opinions about companies who purport to help inventors. 

Most invention companies have success rates below 1%.  A few have success rates nearing 50%.  The book, The Inventor Trap, has a short list of the best licensing agents with the highest licensing rates.  The book also has an evaluation form that will allow you to accurately grade any company you're considering doing business with.

The below list is a short list of invention promoters who charge inventors fees but have a track record of little or no success.  This list will continue to expand over time and is currently comprised of invention marketing companies who have licensing success rates that are estimated to be less than 1%.   Such companies we give a grade of  “F”. 

* We define "success" as a product being licensed and bringing in more money than the inventor has spent on the invention promoters services.    Keep Reading      



We profile a few of the better known, but worst performing invention promoters.


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The Biggest losers

Why the invention companies making the most noise are the  worst choice  if you want a licensing deal.

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Share your Rating

Have you had a good or bad experience with a licensing company or patent attorney ?


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