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The BEST book on patents Provisional Patent Blueprint

Top self licensing program   An inspiring fact based
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Regarding Links

While we ONLY want to list quality resources, we cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy or integrity of all the companies or people listed here.  Always exercise caution when dealing with anyone in the invention industry. Some of the websites we link to on this page, while providing good information, allow Google AdWords which means that they display advertisements.  Many of the companies that advertise through AdWords are the worst in the business.  Be careful about clicking on advertisements for inventor services that you may find on other websites.

* I encourage those of you who are the "Good Guys" in the business of rendering service or information to inventors to "disallow" outside ads from the invention industry on your websites. *


Patent Information & Searches


Journals, Publications, Articles, Etc.

Inventors Digest - The Invention Magazine for Idea People
The IP Observers

Taking an Invention From Idea to the Store Shelf -

Michelle McCullough | Make it Happen Radio

Got Invention Radio

Marketing an Invention | Help from Invention Experts
Software Patents -
Lessons on Turning a New Invention Idea Into Money
TEN Articles For Inventors
AIPLA Homepage - Intellectual Property Today - Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law Information
97 Percent of All Patents Never Make Any Money.
How the invention factory at Quirky almost imagined its way out of business | The Verge
Licensing Publications
Examining Business Models for Monetizing IP | Innography
Licensing 101

Invention Promoters, Scams, Fraud, Etc.

scams defined
FTC/State "Project Mousetrap" Snares Invention Promotion Industry | Federal Trade Commission

My Meeting With An Idea Submission Company | The Working Inventor

Invention Promotion Firms | Consumer Information
NCIO Homepage: Scambusters

Would-be inventors lose money in scams

ISC's (InventHelp's) successful legal arguements AGAINST expanded inventor protections

Invention Promotion Companies - | Patents & Patent Law

Inventor News on Davison Design


Invention Companies
InventHelp Reviews –

California Lawyers Fighting SLAPPs - Defamation, Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process Lawsuits

Funding Sources


Associations & Non Profit Inventor Sites

United Inventors Association Of America

Welcome to The National Congress of Inventor Organizations

Intellectual Property Owners Assocation » Intellectual Property Owners Association

Future Inventors Association

British Inventors Society

British Toy & Hobby Association - Inventors

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization




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