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In the course of writing the book, “The Inventor Trap”, I realized that there are two things inventors really need.

First, consider these questions:

Thus the first critical service that every inventor needs is an Objective Invention Evaluation.

The invention promotion companies and patent attorney’s who take advantage of inventors tell everyone they have a great idea, or that the only way to know if they have a great idea is to start down the road of protecting and licensing it. This is WRONG. An objective evaluation at the outset can save you piles of money and years of wasted time.

The second thing that many inventors really could use, that I've never seen offered as a stand-alone service for inventors, is that of providing Solid Manufacturing Quotes.

Lone inventors, and even many licensing agents, have a very tough time getting actionable quotes (not estimates) from reputable factories that work with major U.S. retailers.  

These two services are things which inventors either need to utilize or provided for themselves.

I have chosen to offer these services because I enjoy helping inventors, even if its helping them to see that an invention is not feasible. Also, the evaluation service and manufacturing quotation service are both areas where I am able to bring excellence to the table and provide inventors, their business partners and financiers the data to make sound decisions about the feasibility and costs involved in getting to market. As the prices of these services reflect, I am also striving to offer them at a minimal cost. There has been quite enough fleecing of inventors in the invention industry.

Both of these gaps in services are now available here.

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